The top 3 similarities between dab rigs and joints – here is what you need to know!


Joints are one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis. Since they can come either pre-rolled from a local dispensary, or you can buy the rolling paper and flower and do it on your own, they are an inexpensive, portable, and easy-to-use method that is good for both advanced users and beginners who are smoking weed for the first time. 


However, other accessories in the cannabis world are similar to joints when it comes to potency, ease of use, beginner-friendliness, and smoking potency! You may find that you enjoy using other smoking accessories and methods that are comparable to joints in the long run.


Let’s see the most popular smoking methods when it comes to recreational or medical cannabis consumption and why it is actually quite similar to smoking a joint! Also you can buy online to actually experience them.

3 similarities between dab rigs and joints!

Although there are many differences between dab rigs and joints, there are some similarities as well. In a head-to-head comparison, there are pros and cons of each. The end choice comes down to your personal decision and what is best for your lifestyle and your preferences. 


First, what are dab rigs? A dab rig is a mechanism and apparatus that uses concentrated doses of cannabis, whether THC or CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. You can use dab products that are specifically made for dab rigs, such as concentrates and wax. 

Ease of use

One of the main similarities between dab rigs and joints is the ease of use. Just like with anything, engineers may tend to struggle with both methods. Beginners need to learn who to roll joints and pack a joint using flour, and they also need to know how to heat up the nail for the dab rigs. Although it can take some practice, after a few uses, beginners will be able to call themselves experts on rolling joints and using dab rigs. 


Depending on the type of weed you use for your joints, the potency of both the dab rigs and the joints can be similar. Dab rigs are known for begging very strongly since they use highly-concentrated wax or other materials. Joints can range in potency depending on the concentration of weed packed into the joint. However, if you choose good cannabis and flowers, you will have similar levels of potency. 


Although dab rigs are more costly upfront, due to accessories like the nail and other moving parts, the price of each will be comparable in the long run. If you frequently buy joints and smoke quite often, you will end up spending the same amount from one – or more – than you would spend on reusable products like the dab rigs. 


When comparing dab rigs vs. joints, people often think there are more differences than similarities. The differences include the consumption method, the consumption difficulty, and the difference in taste. However, there are similarities, like the potency, price, and ease of use.

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