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The Purge: 6 All You Need to Know About The Sixth Run

In The Purge, a fictional event from the future, all crime is legal for 12 hours. The movie follows a group of people as they navigate the streets during The Purge and take care of their own business. This article will provide an overview of The Purge 6 and what you need to know about it before watching this film!

What is the release date of The Purge 6?

Purge 6  needs to be greenlit. If it does get the go-ahead, we will find out when it is coming to theaters. All of the other Purge movies have come out during summer. It could come out in June or July as the old ones did. There was a one-year gap between the first two movies, and two-year gaps between Anarchy and Election Year, and Election Year and First Purge. There would have been another movie in 2020, but Coronavirus came so there was a two-year gap. That means that fans should expect the sixth movie in summer 2023.

What is the plot of The Purge 6?

The creator of The Purge has not told us what he will do in The Purge 6. But there is room to make another movie because the ending left something for people to think about. At the end of The Forever Purge, the NFFA is overthrown by people who wanted to unleash their anger on Earth permanently. Some people in America are fighting back, while others have gone to Canada or Mexico for safety. The Purge 6 maybe about an American Civil War with one side fighting for anarchy and bloodshed and the other side to restore order.

This is a movie about some people who live on an island. It’s called Purge Island. They can do bad things for one day, and they can’t get arrested or killed that day. This year, there is a lot of crime going on because it’s the first year of the new law. The movie was released on July 18th, 2019. It got some mixed reviews but it made $111 million around the world.

In this movie, crime is legal for 12 hours. This happens once a year. Emergency services are not available during that time. There is a battle before The Purge. Audiences and critics don’t like it. It is the same as other films in The Purge franchise.

The Purge 6: Frank Grillo Teases Possible New Movie with James DeMonaco

Who will be starring in it

It is hard to predict who will star in The Purge 6. The main actors change between movies, so one fan-favorite might return. One fan favorite is Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo). He teased that he might return in January 2021. The actors and actresses from  The Forever Purge might also be able to return. They would include Ana de la Reguera, Tenoch Huerta, and Charlie Roan.

The Purge is the final one in the series, but it is rare for a horror series not to start again. That means that The Purge 6 might come out. Hollywood loves franchises that are consistently performing well, so they often start making movies before they are released. In some cases, a movie that people did not expect to be a successful franchise-starter ends up being successful.

Horror movies often start with a low budget. One example of this is Halloween. Other examples are Saw and Paranormal Activity. Many critics did not like the Purge. However, it was a success because it made a lot of money on a small budget. Three prequel or sequel movies have followed so far. All of them made a lot of money.

It was said that the new movie The Purge 5, which is later called The Forever Purge, might be the end of the horror film series. But it seems like there will be a new one.

Will The Purge 6 Ever Happen?

As of this writing, it is not yet known if there will ever be a Purge 6. This is an idea that the person who made the Purge movies also have. He said he originally planned for The Forever Purge to end things. But when he got inspiration, it changed his mind. He will decide if there will be the 6th film depending on how The Forever Purge does at the box office.

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