The Princess Switch 3

The Princess Switch 3: Release Date, Plot and Star Cast

Princess Switch 3 is a new film about two girls who pretend to be each other, but then they fall in love with different guys. The third movie in the Princess Switch series is about a girl and her cousin. They are both princesses and their names are Margaret and Fiona. The story follows them when they switch places for fun! Three friends take the Christmas relic back from the thief.

What is the release date of The Princess Switch 3?

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star will come out on Netflix on November 18. It will be here just in time for us to watch it many times as we head into the holiday season. Netflix announced on their Twitter account. They said that they will have new films in December.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star : Releasing soon on Netflix!! -  Pioneer Scoop

What is the plot of The Princess Switch 3?

Princess Stacy Wyndham of Belgravia and Lady Margaret Delacourt, Queen of Montenaro, who are friends from a long time ago, come together to host a traditional Christmas festival. They bring the Vatican’s best treasure which is called the Star of Peace. It is displayed there for everyone to see. The end of the festival was bad. The Star is stolen. Police don’t know who did it. Stacy and Margaret ask Lady Fiona Pembroke for help to find the Star. They soon found that the Star is with a rich businessman who is corrupt, not nice, and has lots of money. With the help of Peter’s criminal ex, Margaret, and Stacy the girls must stage an elaborate heist. To get back the Star they have to pretend that Margaret is Fiona.

Who will be starring in it?

  • Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy Juliette De Novo Wyndham, The princess of Belgravia is Edward’s wife.
  • Lady Margaret Katherine Claire Delacourt, Kevin’s eventual wife, and Olivia’s eventual step-mother are Queen of Montenaro.
  • Lady Fiona Pembroke, Margaret’s cousin.
  • Sam Palladio as Edward Wyndham, Prince of Belgravia and Stacy’s husband
  • Nick Sagar as Kevin Richards, Margaret’s husband will be the future Prince Consort of Montenaro.
  • Remy Hii as Peter Maxwell, Fiona’s ex
  • Will Kemp is Hunter Cunard, A person who owns hotels in many different countries.
  • Amanda Donohoe as Bianca Pembroke
  • Suanne Braun as Mrs. Donatelli
  • Mark Fleischmann as Frank De Luca
  • Ricky Norwood as Reggie
  • Florence Hall as Mindy
  • Mia Lloyd as Olivia Richards, Kevin’s daughter, and Margaret’s eventual stepdaughter
  • Chidi Ajufo as Black Suit Security Guard #2
  • Theo Devaney as Simon
  • Robin Soans as Elf man
  • Hazel Beattie as Mother Superior

Is the trailer out?

Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star To Debut in November |

The Princess Switch should be released soon. But if you want to watch it now, you’ll need to wait until the new year. Or, you can go to Netflix and rewatch The Princess Switch and The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa Hudgens will play three different characters in the next movie. The two of them, along with Queen Margaret, Stacy, and Fiona, will be back for the third film.

New to the series is Remy Hii as Peter Maxwell, pictured above.

We don’t know who will be in the movie. We might see Nick Sagar, Sam Palladio, Alexa Adeosun and Mark Fleischmann. They might come back for another movie.

Hudgens said that she would not play the fourth character. She said, “No. No. That’s just too outrageous.” Hudgens was already playing three characters and wanted to keep it at that number.

The woman added: “I would go crazy if I tried to add another me. It would be a Scottish me and I love the Scottish accent, but no. Having a different accent is not going to happen.”

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