The Ending of The Idol, Explained

HBO’s controversial miniseries “The Idol” has come to a close, leaving viewers with many questions about the show’s finale. The final episode, “Jocelyn Forever,” brought the show’s first season to a perplexing and unexpected conclusion. In the finish, pop star Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, seems to have won her battle against her abusive ex-boyfriend, Tedros, played by The Weeknd. However, the ending is unclear, leaving viewers to speculate about what happened.

One of the most significant moments in the finale is when Jocelyn records a new song with Mike Dean, played by The Weeknd’s real-life producer and friend. Jocelyn’s relationship inspires the song’s lyrics, with Tedros suggesting that she has come to terms with the abuse she suffered at his hands.

However, the final scene of the show complicates this interpretation. In the background, Jocelyn walks through a crowded street, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses to conceal her identity. As she walks, she hears a song on a nearby radio that sounds eerily similar to the one she recorded with Mike Dean. The implication is that Jocelyn’s new music has become a hit, but it is unclear what this means for her future.

The ambiguity of the ending has left many viewers scratching their heads, with some speculating that Jocelyn may have died at the hands of Tedros and that the final scene is a dream or hallucination. Others have suggested that the ending is intentionally open-ended, leaving room for interpretation and discussion.

Regardless of one’s interpretation of the finale, “The Idol” has sparked meaningful conversations about domestic abuse and the music industry’s treatment of female artists. The show’s depiction of Jocelyn’s struggles with abuse and addiction has resonated with many viewers. It has brought attention to the need for more support and resources for abuse victims.

Overall, the ending of “The Idol” may be confusing and ambiguous, but it has succeeded in generating discussion and sparking meaningful conversations about the issues it addresses. As viewers continue to dissect and analyze the show’s finale, it is clear that “The Idol” has left a lasting impact on its audience.

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