The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Much More

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The Curse of Oak Island is back for Season 9. The show, which airs on The History Channel, follows the quest to find treasure buried deep beneath the ground in Oak Island, Nova Scotia. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Rick and Marty Lagina make their way through all those tunnels in search of what some belief is one of history’s greatest treasures- The Holy Grail! This season promises more drama and excitement than ever before!

The release date of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9:

If we proceed by records, a new season is released every November, therefore when the series is renewed with Season 9 in September 2021. The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 is to release in late 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

The cast of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9:

  • Jack Begley
  • Charles Barkhouse
  • Craig Tester
  • Dan Henskee
  • Doug Crowell
  • Terry Matheson
  • Paul Troutman
  • Billy Gerhardt
  • Steve Guptil
  • Laird Niven
  • Gary Drayton
The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?
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The plot of The Curse of Oak Island Season 9:

The cast will go on an intensive and exciting hunt for the rumored treasure on the Island. As we saw in the eighth season, the team was convinced that they were very close to the prize.

We saw them searching for the money pit. Do you think they will succeed in doing so? I think to figure this out, more digging should be done, and this also suggests that the Curse of Oak Island is imminent.

If the treasure is found there, then the chances of treasure being present in the other locations will also be there. Let’s see what the new season brings forth.

What The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 be About?

The final episode of season 8 packed a lot of excitement as the team was convinced that they are very close to unearthing the treasure that people had been after for centuries.

They try to find the exact location of the Money Pit and find evidence to confirm their theory around it. If they end up finding the treasure, one cannot be certain that it is the only thing buried underneath.

The only way to know if there is more is to continue digging. Therefore, if we get season 9, the Lagina brothers and their team will continue to explore further until they are sure they have found what they have been looking for.

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