Sick juror pauses deliberations for teen squeegee worker murder trial.

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The murder trial of a 16-year-old accused of fatally shooting a man who approached a group of squeegee workers in Downtown Baltimore has been paused due to a sick juror. The trial, which began on July 11, 2023, has been ongoing for several days, with the jury beginning deliberations on July 23.


However, on July 27, one of the jurors fell ill, causing the deliberations to be paused. The identity of the sick juror has not been released, and it is unclear how long the deliberations will be delayed.

The defendant, whose name has not been released due to their age, is facing charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and use of a firearm in a crime of violence. According to prosecutors, the defendant shot and killed a man who approached a group of squeegee workers on the morning of July 1, 2022.

The trial has been closely watched by community members, with some expressing concern over the use of lethal force against squeegee workers. The practice of squeegeeing, which involves washing car windows for tips, has been a contentious issue in Baltimore, with some residents expressing frustration over the workers’ presence on city streets.

Community Response

The pause in deliberations has been met with mixed reactions from community members. Some have expressed frustration over the delay, while others have praised the court for considering the juror’s health.

Baltimore City Councilman Zeke Cohen, representing the district where the shooting occurred, released a statement expressing his support for the victim’s family. “My heart goes out to the victim’s family in this case,” he said. “I hope that justice will be served, and that we can work together as a community to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.”

The trial is expected to resume as soon as the sick juror is able to return to the courtroom. In the meantime, community members continue to follow the case closely, with many hoping for a fair and just outcome.

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