Shadows House Season 2

Shadows House Season 2 Release Date: What You Need To Know

Shadows House is back and this time it’s scarier than ever! The shadows house season 2 release date has been announced, so if you’re wondering everything about the shadows house season 2 release date, keep reading for all the details. If you haven’t heard of shadows house before, don’t worry because we’ll go over what to expect in shadows house season 2 as well.

What is the release date of shadows house season 2?

On Saturday, 11th September 2021, the hit anime series Shadows House was officially renewed for the 2nd season and the renewal is made by CloverWorks animation studio. This special announcement was made in a live-streaming event that happened in Japan. It is good to share your thoughts and ideas, so we can know what it will be like.

The news of the second season is nice. It is not that surprising. Japanese animation often depends on two things: popularity and the source material. Both of which this series has plenty of. As per the report given by Monsters and Critics, season 12 of the 1st episode of season 1 went up to chapter 47 in the original manga series. This is good news because 8 volumes in Japan were published with 108 chapters each. Funimation does not release the viewership of their TV shows.

What is the plot of shadows house season 2?

The first season of Shadows House told the story of the haunted mansion. A family lived there. They had slaves who were called Living Dolls because they did whatever their masters wanted them to do. This first season, Emilio was a soot cleaner for Kate. The final moments of the first season left fans with many questions. By the end of the season, Kate and Emilio escaped Edward’s trap.

However, it is not clear how the two girls ran away. The biggest mystery of Shadows House Season 2 has to answer is the true identity of Morphe. The Shadow herself does not remember her real name or identity. The fact that she was Shirley at one point is even scarier. The next season will probably deal with the merger of the Shadow and their masters. According to Shadow culture, the shadows and “Faces” must give up their individuality and merge into their masters.

Kate might want to keep Emilio with her. The next season will also talk about people from the village disappearing. And the new trailer makes me feel scared without talking or doing anything. The new teaser on the show is only scenes from last season. Here is the new trailer.

Shadows House Season 2: Everything We Know • The Awesome One
Source: The Awesome One

What is the production of the upcoming season?

Studio Cloverworks announced the Shadows House mystery series has been renewed. They said it during a special live-stream event. In the event, the panel told us that Shadows House Season 2 is being made. It will be on TV soon. We think that Cloverworks has just started to make Season 2. In the Shadows House anime series, there are only thirteen episodes per season.

The studio would not take more than six months to animate one season. So it is safe to say that Shadows House Season 2 is in the early stages of production. After the animation is finished, the team that made it will likely take over. They will make new visuals and trailers that they can then release to you.

As mentioned earlier, the manga only has enough material for a second season. Even if the next thirteen episodes don’t adopt all of what is left in it, there will be no more material left to make a new season. Furthermore, there are no more spin-offs or sequel series for So-ma-to’s manga. There might not be enough new material by the end of Season 2 of Shadows House.

Studio Cloverworks has made many successful projects. It means that if people like the second season, they will want a third season. StudioCloverworks can work with author So-ma-to to write a story for the third season. It will get clearer after a few months.

The studio and the director have not said when Shadows House Season 2 will come out yet. They are making it right now, so it will probably be in the Spring of 2022. The first season of the show came out in April 2021. Fans can expect a new season about every 2 years, so Season 2 might come out in April 2022. Keep reading the news on The Anime Daily.

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