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The film focuses on the idea of what it’s like to be an outsider, not just in life, but also at school. The parents question why their son is different from other kids his age. He’s a loner, uninterested in socializing with friends and peers. He has anger issues that may come from being bullied for being different and/or dealing with struggles at home.

One persistent thought is whether or not he’ll have the necessary coping mechanisms to handle his future as he grows up and becomes a teenager. Some critics have likened Our Son to John Hughes’s “The Breakfast Club”, though it’s not exactly the same. While both films deal with high school students and their issues, the characters are different. The movie takes a more serious tone than Hughes’ film and focuses on a family rather than high school stereotypes.

What is the Release date of Our Son?

The movie was released on 17 February, 2016 on VOD, iTunes and Amazon Prime. The film was also available for free on YouTube. “Our Son” is a short, but emotionally-driven film about how a family must come to terms with their son’s uniqueness at a young age. The film’s tagline says it all: “This is what happens when the world doesn’t understand.” The movie received positive reviews from critics; it currently holds a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score. The movie was also featured on Movies.com, where it was listed as one of the best movies for families.

Who is the star cast of Our Son?

Our Son stars Megan Pierre, who plays a mother of a very different child. The film also stars Odell Horton, Preston Michael. Our Son also stars Richard Gilliland, Wilson Cruz and Jason Gann. Our Son was screened at many festivals and won awards at some of them. The film won “Best Short Film” at the 2017 New York City Short Film Festival and at the 2016 Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival in its category. Our Son is a cinematic experience that focuses on the idea of what it’s like to be an outsider, not just in life, but also at school. The structure of Our Son consists of five scenes that are focused on different parts of the son’s life and how he deals with his family and peers. The first scene takes place in a school cafeteria.

What is the plot of Our Son?

After having a difficult childhood, which includes abuse from his father, feelings of isolation and loneliness in middle school, being bullied and ostracized at school and being questioned whether or not he’ll ever fit in with his peers and/or get along with anyone, this boy takes his own life. As the parents try to deal with this tragedy and come to terms with his loss, they realize that they still have a chance to mend their relationship with each other, their son, and communicate better so that other disasters do not occur again. The title of Our Son is the same as the short film by Preston Michael Simpson which was premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2016. These title originates from a family song that the father wrote for his son. The title of Our Son remains vague and open for interpretation.

What the critics says about Our Son?

“The Atlantic” calls Simpson “the next John Hughes.” “Variety” calls the film “a striking new twist on the ’80s coming-of-age comedy with a bit of a spiritual bent.” Roger Ebert praised the movie, saying, “That’s what makes and breaks great cinema, relationship. By being so raw and provocative and coming close to breaking the taboo against showing such events, Simpson doesn’t just suggest such emotions as grief or loss. He makes them real.” “The New York Times” calls the film “a striking new twist on the ’80s coming-of-age comedy, with a bit of a spiritual bent.” “Indiewire” calls the film “an exploration of family and how we grow into who we are.”

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