Olivia Rodrigo’s studio selfies are going viral!

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  1. Who is Rodrigo ?
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Olivia Rodrigo has been leading a stunning life of moments she would love to cherish later! Her May 2021 “sour” debut was a blast, without any doubt. She earned a lot of fame within a brief period for “Driver’s License” and “Good 4 U”. No distrust; she became the first-ever female solo artist who won 4 singles from the very same album. It even got more than 1 billion individual Spotify streams. Indeed, her consciousness about the pop industry is something that you can no way choose to deny! The racial inclusion and awareness about various social and political issues on such a vast level will raise Rodrigo to become a starlet.

Who is Rodrigo ?

Rodrigo, who is currently only 20 years old, is expected to be seen as the pop queen over her peers, and the industry seems to await many surprises from her in the coming days. Olivia is said to be spending the day before her birthday in her recording studio. She was seen wearing dark sunglasses and headphones while sitting just right to the microphone. When she enters twenty, she even mentions in one of her posts that the day was her last day as a teenager. This young megastar is growing very popular among people for her zeal, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn new skills.

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