Montgomery Co. reports an uptick in students arrested on school grounds.

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland has reported an uptick in students arrested on school grounds during the most recent academic year. According to data from the Montgomery County Board of Education, at least thirteen students were arrested on school property during the academic year, up from three the previous year.

The data also revealed that eight arrested students were Black, and five were white. The reasons for the arrests were not disclosed, but the increase in arrests has raised concerns among parents and community members about the school system’s disciplinary policies.

The Montgomery County Board of Education has expressed concern over the discrepancies in the data and is calling for a review of the school system’s disciplinary practices. The board is also urging the school system to provide more support for students struggling with behavioral or mental health issues.

The increase in student arrests is a troubling trend highlighting the ongoing challenges schools face in addressing student behavior and discipline. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of punitive measures in addressing underlying issues and promoting positive behavior among students.

Moving forward, it will be necessary for Montgomery County Public Schools to take a comprehensive approach to addressing student behavior and discipline, focusing on prevention and early intervention rather than punishment. This will require a collaborative effort between school officials, parents, and community members to ensure all students have the support and resources they need to succeed.

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