Montgomery Co. high school cracks down on off-campus lunch policy

A Quince Orchard, a high school student, was found to have recently been overdosed. He was found lying inside the bathroom of a McDonald’s near the school. Since then, the school principal announced strict enforcement of the off-campus lunch policy by citing ‘safety concerns.’ In a tweet, the principal, Elizabeth Thomas, wrote, “In light of the continued safety concerns & disruptive behaviors that have taken place off school property,” the school would “actively enforce” existing policies about who can leave the Gaithersburg, Maryland, campus for lunch and under what conditions.

Policy exhibiting the details for off-campus lunch

According to the policy, all the ninth and 10th-grade students will be barred from leaving the school campus for lunch. The seniors and juniors will show their current school ID to check in and out with the staff. They can present it at one of any two exits of the school. The upper-level students would also not be allowed to “access vehicles” or leave their cars from the property without the staff’s permission. They would be expected to “behave courteously and respectfully” to all the staff, students, the public, and businesses located in the community while going out during the lunch period. This is to be followed strictly by the Montgomery County Public Schools’ student code of conduct.
Any violation of the lunch policy will lead to parental notification and administrative documentation that may further have a consequence of revoking their access to the privilege of open lunch. Thomas concludedusioconcludedare not going to waver from this policy and needed everyone’s support. This policy requires a shared commitment by everyone.”

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