Maryland School Leaders: Focus on Improving Failing Schools This Summer

Maryland’s state school superintendent is prioritizing improving failing schools this summer. Most of these schools are in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, where the superintendent plans to direct his focus.


Addressing Low Academic Performance

Maryland’s superintendent hopes to move the academic needle this summer for low-performing schools. The goal is to address the low academic performance of these schools and provide the support needed to improve student outcomes.

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To achieve this goal, Maryland’s school leaders will focus on several key areas, including teacher training and support, curriculum development, and community engagement. The goal is to create a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of low academic performance and provides the resources necessary to help these schools succeed.

A Collaborative Effort

Improving failing schools is a collaborative effort involving school leaders, teachers, parents, and community members. To this end, Maryland’s state school superintendent is working closely with local leaders to develop plans that address the specific needs of each school.

The plans will be tailored to each school’s unique challenges and will be designed to help students succeed academically. This collaborative approach is essential to ensuring all students have access to the resources and support needed to succeed.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a brighter future for Maryland’s students by improving the quality of education in the state’s failing schools. With the support of school leaders, teachers, parents, and community members, Maryland is well on its way to achieving this critical goal.

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