Jenelle Evans Seeks Court Intervention for David Eason’s Visitation Rights

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has taken legal action against her estranged husband, David Eason, in an attempt to regulate his visitation rights with their daughter. Evans has approached the court with demands that include Eason undergoing a psychological evaluation and obtaining employment to provide child support.

Evans Insists on Psychological Evaluation for Eason

Jenelle Evans has requested the court to mandate a psychological assessment for David Eason before he is allowed to visit their daughter. This move comes as Evans aims to ensure the safety and well-being of their child, emphasizing the importance of mental health in parental responsibilities. For more on Jenelle’s demands, you can read the article on E! Online.

Court-Requested Employment and Child Support

In addition to the psych evaluation, Jenelle Evans is asking the court to require David Eason to secure a job. The intention behind this is to have Eason contribute financially to their daughter’s upbringing through child support payments, ensuring that he takes an active role in providing for her needs.

The Implications of Evans’ Requests on Custody Arrangements

The requests made by Jenelle Evans could have significant implications for the custody arrangements between her and David Eason. If the court grants her demands, it could lead to a more structured and potentially safer environment for their daughter’s visitations with Eason.

Evans’ Efforts to Protect Her Daughter’s Interests

Jenelle Evans’ legal actions underscore her efforts to protect the interests of her daughter. By seeking court intervention, Evans is taking steps to address her concerns about Eason’s influence and involvement in their daughter’s life. Her proactive approach is aimed at creating a stable and secure future for their child.

Jenelle Evans’ recent legal demands highlight her commitment to ensuring the safety and financial security of her daughter amid her separation from David Eason. The court’s decision on these matters will be crucial in determining the nature of Eason’s future involvement with their child. For more insights into Jenelle’s legal strategy, you can read the details on TMZ.

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