Hellbound Season 1 On Netflix: Release Date, Plot And Star Cast

Hellbound On Netflix
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Hellbound is a hellish show that will make you cringe and squirm in delight. The series follows the life of hell-bound souls as they try to escape from hell. Don’t be fooled, this may seem like a lighthearted comedy but it isn’t. You’ll see some of your favorite TV stars fight for their lives and watch them die again and again!

What is the release date of hellbound season 1?

“Hellbound” ¬†will premiere at TIFF 2021 for its Primetime program. This festival starts in September, but it will continue to travel to other festivals after that. In a month, audiences will be able to enjoy the show during the 26th annual Busan International Film Festival. As of now, there’s no word on when it will be available for people to see here. But you can expect it to come out around the same time as other places in October 2021.

Netflix may want to release this horror series in October because it is the spookiest month of the year. BIFF is coming to an end, which means that there’s only a couple of weeks left for Netflix to release the show. That is only a guess. There are no details for you yet.

Hellbound: Release date, cast, plot, stills, teasers, and everything to  know about Yoo Ah-in's Netflix K-Drama based on webcomic
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What is the plot of hellbound season 1?

“Hellbound” will be about a society in chaos after people have been dragged to hell. It is based on a webtoon. Each person has a day in which they will be judged. When that day comes, bad people will show up. There is often much confusion and worry, but the New Truth Society offers answers to questions to help you out. The cult and its leader say that they are the only ones who can understand the will of the divine. They try to get a lot of control in a country that is already on edge.

As of right now, there are no signs that this is going to stop. Society has learned to live with a horrific new normal. The webtoon has a lot of social commentaries and it’s a dark reflection on how society reacts when there are a lot of bad things happening. The show will have a lot of the same themes as the webtoon and Netflix show. This is because both were made by “Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang-ho.

Who will be starring in season 1?

The Netflix series has hired Korean actors to play in it. The first actor is Yoo Ah-in. He plays Jeong Jin-soo in the new show “Hellbound.”¬†Jeong Jin-soo is in charge of a new kind of cult. He sees demons coming to Earth and they criticize people. It is safe to say that this will become popular in the future because lots of people are afraid of this happening.

It’s hard to know why the demons came to earth. Min Hey-jin (Kim Hyun-Joo) is an attorney for those who are accused of sin. Journalist Bae Young-Jae (Park Jung-min) found answers within a mysterious cult that has risen in prominence recently. Police detective Jin Kyung-hoon is on the trail of a series of ritualistic murders. This show might be too scary for some people, but we think that this cast can do it.

Other cast members

  • Park Jung-min as Bae Young-jae
  • Kim Hyun-joo as Min Hey-jin
  • Yang Ik-jun as Jin Kyung-hoon
  • Kim Do-Yoon as Hwasalchok member
  • Kim Shin-rok as Park Jung-ja
  • Ryoo Kyung-soo as Priest Yoo-Ji
  • Lee Re as Jin Hee-jung

Some of the best horror movies have come out of South Korea. No matter what kind of movie it is, Korean filmmakers know how to keep people scared and excited. Many movies are about zombies like “Train to Busan” and “#Alive.” There are also movies with other things, like ghosts. Those movies are good if you’re tired of American movies.

Netflix has a new show coming. It’s for people who like many types of things, like different genres. The show, “Hellbound,” is very scary. It will be the first Korean drama to debut at Toronto International Film Festival. Don’t let this show get through your fingers!

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