FBI to Exhume Body of Joyce Malecki for Further Investigation

The FBI has announced that they will be exhuming the body of Joyce Malecki, a 20-year-old woman found dead in November 1969 at Fort Meade. This case was featured in the Netflix documentary series ‘The Keepers. Malecki’s family has been notified of the exhumation, and the FBI hopes the victim’s body can provide them with more information in this 54-year-old murder case.

The Keepers: A Documentary Series Detailing the Murder of Joyce Malecki

‘The Keepers’ is a Netflix documentary series that details the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik and the abuse allegations against the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The series also features the murder of Joyce Malecki, whose body was found less than a week after Cesnik’s disappearance. The exhumation of Malecki’s body is a significant development in the case, and the FBI hopes it will provide them with new leads.


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