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Everything You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Season 11

Fans of The Walking Dead were ecstatic when season 11 was announced. The last episode aired in March, and it has been a long wait for the new season. The first trailer dropped this month, and it looks like we will be seeing some familiar faces again! In this blog post, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about The Walking Dead Season 11!

What is the release date of The Walking Dead Season 11?

The Walking Dead season 11 will start on August 22nd. It will be on AMC in the US. But in the UK, it is only on Star and Disney Plus.

New episodes will arrive weekly on the streaming service instead of FOX UK, where the show has historically aired.

Production on season 11 of the show started in early 2020. Kevin Deiboldt said that we should be excited because it will not disappoint.

The show will have 24 episodes this season. Of these, the first batch of 12 episodes ends the story. But there are two more batches, with at least one more to come in 2022.

In the meantime, people in the UK have enjoyed some episodes from season 10. They aired from early March until Easter Monday.

What are the spoilers of The Walking Dead Season 11?

The Walking Dead will have a lot of action and drama. It is expected that it will be hard to find a light season. The show will have 24 episodes, but they haven’t been released yet.

All the people who live in Alexandria are working to rebuild it after it had been destroyed. They also have to feed all of the people who come there, like survivors from when the Kingdom was taken over, and Hilltop was burned down. Maggie is one of those people. She lives there with her new group, the Wardens.

There are more people than we can feed and protect in Alexandria. I think that this is bad because the tensions with other cities are getting worse and some people need to do things to make sure they will be safe.

What is the plot of The Walking Dead Season 11?

This goes on. “They need to get more food while they try to fix the old city.” People have seen other cities break down, but this one still has people in it. People are more tired and hungry than before. They might have to work hard and lose their life for their children if that means keeping them safe.

At a convention in New York, a creator said that producers did not know what to do because COVID would stop them from doing certain things.

The Walking Dead' Season 11 Photos, Synopsis, Release Date And More

She said, “We can’t have zombies with lots of extras. We need to think of other ways to make them scary and cool.”

“Like,” are there any ways to do this where people are not always in each other’s faces? “Hopefully,” when the audience watches it, they won’t really feel the things we’re doing.

She added that they’d be diving really deeply into these cool character stories in the upcoming episodes.

A lot of people have been waiting for this story that we are going to tell. I love this script, and it has been creative to work on it. The next season of the show will happen in 11. The person who killed Glenn (Maggie) came back for the last episode.

Who will be starring in The Walking Dead Season 11?

The Walking Dead’s main cast will come back for the last season. The people who play Daryl, Carol, Rosita, Eugene, Father Gabriel, Aaron, and Ezekiel will be there. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan will also be there.

Lauren Cohan might play a big part in the show again. She left and came back in the 10th season finale 2 years ago. Rumors say that Andrew Lincoln could also come back as Rick Grimes. Norman Reedus said he had told his friend to do it for the final season.

Season 10 of the Walking Dead will have all the main characters, including Daryl and Carol. They will be back next season.

Some people think that Lauren Cohan will be in the show again. They say she might be on the show again. Some people think that maybe Andrew Lincoln will come back to do the show, too. I have been trying to convince him to come back for one more season since he left last year.

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