Erotic designs of Italian pastries

The designs of Italian pastries has got up into the news today. While they talk of the serious age old traditions, these pastries resemble the female genitalia, and represent the cannoli. If you have ever taken up a cannoli, and felt as such, you are no way an exception. Indeed, it is one of the most famous desserts out there! Cannolis are available in nearly every Silican cafes, and most importantly, you can get them displayed at a lot of outlets. This cannoli got immortalized later on by the famous Silicans in The Godfather through a line that says, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” There is no denial that this beloved sweet looks a more like a phallus. 

Even though there was a typical structure given to these pastries and cannolis’, so much so thag it came under a point of discussion. These pastries were greatly offered tk the people out there, and it used to be a special serving at the time of special occasions and rituals. 

Cannolis’ had a past heritage

According to an expert in cultural heritage studies from the city of Palermo, Maria Oliveri, who used to say that the sexual organs were not considered taboo in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds but they were revered as symbols of abundance then. He said, “The sexual shapes of Sicilian desserts derive from that ancient world. Back then, it was important to have many children, as they would cultivate the land and provide for the family.”

The Norman conquerors had converted Sicily to Catholicism, back during the 11th century, and ancient traditions had mixed with that of the Catholic traditions. Winter solstice observations blended into Christmas, and thus, the fertility rites merged into the Easter. The age-old desserts were preserved by the nuns. They used to make these confections inside their convents on several occasions, festivals and during the religious holidays.

It is believed that earlier in the ancient Greece, sex organs were greatly under discussion, and probably it’s from then the pastries, being such a popular offering, were made in the shapes of such genitals. Oliveri further said, “Nuns didn’t make erotic-shaped desserts, as some people would think, because they were sexually repressed and wanted to have fun, but because they inherited an ancient tradition,” 

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