EastEnders Dean Wicks Returns to Albert Square After 3 Years

Dean Wicks: Life and Controversies in EastEnders

Dean Wicks, played by Matt Di Angelo, was a popular character in the long-running British soap opera EastEnders. He made his first appearance on January 2, 2006, and quickly became known as a troublemaker in Albert Square. Dean was the son of Shirley Carter, who had cystic fibrosis, and Buster Briggs, who left the family when Dean was young.

One of the most controversial storylines involving Dean was his rape of Linda Carter, played by Kellie Bright. The storyline was met with mixed reactions from viewers, with some praising the show for tackling such a sensitive issue, while others criticized it for being too graphic. The storyline reached its climax on Christmas Day in 2014, when Linda revealed to her husband Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, that she had been raped by Dean.

Dean was also involved in other controversies during his time on the show. He was framed by Sean Slater for the assault of Patrick Trueman, which resulted in him being sentenced to six months in prison. Following his release, Dean was traumatised by his stint in prison and violently attacked Shirley, who wanted to repair their relationship.

Despite his troubled past, Dean tried to turn his life around by opening a pie and mash shop with his business partner, Ian Beale. However, his past caught up with him when his daughter Jade, whom he had abandoned years earlier, arrived in Walford. Dean tried to make amends with Jade, but his attempts were thwarted when she died suddenly.

Overall, Dean Wicks was a complex and controversial character in EastEnders. His portrayal by Matt Di Angelo was praised by critics, who noted his ability to convey both the character’s charm and his dark side.

The Carter Family and Wicks’ Relationships

Dean Wicks had complicated relationships with many members of the Carter family, particularly Linda and Mick. Linda Carter, played by Kellie Bright, is Mick’s wife and Dean’s sister-in-law. Dean arrived in Walford in 2006 as Shirley Carter’s son, played by Linda Henry. He was a troublemaker who caused chaos in Walford, until he was sentenced to six months in prison for framing Sean Slater for the assault of Patrick Trueman.

In 2014, Dean returned to Walford and became obsessed with Linda Carter. Although Linda strongly rejected her brother-in-law’s advances, Dean raped her in the upstairs kitchen of The Queen Vic, leaving her completely distraught. A year later, on Christmas Day 2015, the Carter family was torn apart after Dean finally confessed to assaulting Linda. This revelation led to a dramatic showdown between Mick and Dean, which ended with Mick attacking Dean.

Dean’s relationship with Mick was also complicated. Mick is played by Danny Dyer, and he is the landlord of The Queen Vic. Mick and Dean’s relationship started off well, but it became strained after Dean’s attempted rape of Linda. Mick struggled to come to terms with what his brother had done, and he ultimately disowned him.

Dean also had relationships with other members of the Carter family, including Shirley and Buster Briggs. Shirley is Dean’s mother, and she struggled to come to terms with her son’s actions. Buster is Shirley’s ex-boyfriend, and he became a father figure to Dean after his father, Kevin Wicks, died. However, their relationship became strained after Buster started dating Shirley.

Overall, Dean’s relationships with the Carter family were complex and often fraught with tension. His actions had far-reaching consequences for the entire community of Walford, and they continue to reverberate to this day.

Dean Wicks, portrayed by Matt Di Angelo, is a character in the popular British soap opera EastEnders. The character has been involved in several legal battles, including being accused of raping Linda Carter, portrayed by Kellie Bright. Dean was found not guilty of the rape, but the incident caused a rift in the Carter family and Linda’s relationship with her husband Mick, played by Danny Dyer.

Dean’s return to Albert Square was a shock to many viewers. He reappeared in November 2023, and his presence has caused tension among the residents of Walford. Dean’s mother, Shirley Carter, played by Linda Henry, has cystic fibrosis, and Dean’s return has put a strain on her health.

Dean’s future in EastEnders is uncertain. He has a history of causing trouble, and his return has already caused chaos. Fans are speculating about what will happen to Dean, with some predicting that he will leave the show again, while others believe that he will be involved in more drama.

In addition to the rape storyline, Dean has been involved in other controversial storylines. He attempted to rape his sister, Carly, and was involved in a car crash that killed his girlfriend, Jade. He also blackmailed Linda Carter in a twisted cliffhanger, as reported by AOL.

Despite the controversies surrounding Dean’s character, he has remained a popular figure on the show. His relationship with his daughter, Cindy, played by Mimi Keene, has been a highlight of his storyline, as has his business partnership with Ian Beale in the pie and mash shop.

As Christmas Day approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating what will happen to Dean Wicks and the other residents of Albert Square.

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