Death Note 2: The film Is Returning With Sequel On Netflix!

Death Note 2
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Netflix has announced that the death note will be returning with a sequel. And it’s coming soon! This is not just your average horror movie. Death Note is about supernatural beings who use death as their tool for fighting each other in this epic battle of good versus evil. Get to know details about Death Note 2.

Death note premiered in 2017 as a supernatural crime thriller film. The film was adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name. It was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The film was directed by Adam Wingard. And written by Charles & Vlas Parlapanides, Jeremy Slater, and Kyle Killen.

The film was released on Netflix to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Let’s just say, they’re dying to see what’s next!

Plot for Death Note 2

The first film revolved around the theme from the original manga series. An American high schooler, Light Turner, discovers the titular supernatural book. The owner of the book is the death god Ryuk. He explains to Light that it can kill anyone whose name is written on its pages.

“Light” uses the book to kill criminals and change the world. The film was directed by Adam Wingard.

The sequel will probably take the plot from the original manga. It is expected to be released in 2022. But no official date has been announced yet. We do know that Nat Wolff will not reprise his role as Light Turner for he will focus on other projects instead of Netflix’s Death Note sequel.

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Release Date of the Death Note 2

The first film was released almost 3 years ago. It was in August 2017.

A sequel to the original film will probably be released in 2022 or 2023. Greg Russo has been attached to write the screenplay for Death Note’s second installment. But no official date has been announced yet. It might follow the plot of its predecessor (the manga), which would make sense since the first film was backlashed by the viewers.

We are expecting the sequel to break the grounds. It might make a huge impact in the industry if done right.

Let’s see what happens next! We’ll keep you updated once more information is unveiled.

The Cast will Return for the Sequel

In the first film, Nat Wolff played Light Turner, a college student who discovers the Death Note that was dropped into Earth by Ryuk. In the new sequel, Nat Wolf might be returning to reprise his role.

Lakeith Stanfield was portrayed as L. The film also had some new cast members such as Willem Dafoe as Ryuk. Margaret Qualley, Shea Whigham, Paul Nakauchi, and Jason Liles were also seen in the first film.

They all might return for the next movie.

Production of the Death Note 2 is Underway

The first film was not well received by the critics as well as the audience. Though the film was not a big hit, Netflix is already planning to release Death Note’ sequel.

The production of the next film is already underway. It will be under the same director as well as the writer of the first film. We are eagerly waiting for the movie to release.

To make a difference this time, the directors are taking time to develop it. They want the audience to appreciate the sequel.

The release date of the movie is not yet confirmed but we can expect it to come out by 2022. The director has already started working on the script and they will announce an official title soon.

In conclusion, all we need to see is that Death Note will once again make us excited.

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