Day Of The Dead, Season 1 Release Date And Plot

It’s that time of year again! The day has finally come when the dead come back to life for one day a year. Join us as we discuss the day of the dead season 1 release date, plot, and cast on this frightful day.

What is the release date of the day of the dead season 1?

The first season of “Day of the Dead” will come out on October 15. This is perfect for Halloween parties. A trailer was released in July, and it is really gory and has bad language. The SyFy zombie series will be coming soon. They ordered 10 episodes for the first season.

It is a good idea to release a new series called “Day of the Dead” in mid-October. That time of year is when people are excited about Halloween, and it can be a good time for this show to come out. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” came out on Halloween. It is the number one zombie TV show.

Day of the Dead: SYFY teases zombie TV series at Comic-Con@Home 2021
Source: Syfy

What is the plot of the day of the dead season 1?

Previously mentioned, “Day of the Dead” is a show based on George A. Romero’s film. Deadline announced that the show would be going straight-to-series, which means they are going to start filming it soon. They also said what the plot would be about in their announcement. The story is about a group of six people who try to survive the first day when the dead came back. They want to stop zombie bites and save everyone they can. They work together because they have different knowledge about zombies.

“Day of the Dead” is like “Night of the Living Dead.” It tells about what happens when there are zombies. The SyFy show that has zombies too, but it is different. “Day of the Dead” starts with people dying because there are zombies. The show will be a copy of the movie. It will have a character named Cam McDermott, which is similar to the name of the character in the movie “Day of the Dead.” But it is not a 1:1 remake. The show will not be exactly like the movie.

Zombies are hard to kill, and the zombie genre is difficult to kill too. There will be blood and guts when SyFy shows “Day of the Dead.” It starts on October 15.

Many people who like horror movies may think about when they see zombies. They might think about Danny Boyle’s movie “28 Days Later” or Edgar Wright’s movie “Shaun of the Dead.” George Romero is the best director of zombie movies. Romero made movies like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.” this fall, SyFy will be showing “Day of the Dead,” which was made in 1985. This story is about zombies. It has been remade and adapted many times with different people telling the story.

Who will be starring in a day of the dead season 1?

A good cast in a movie always helps. Day of the Dead has a long list of actors to help it. It includes Cam McDermott, who was in The Hunters. These actors play Luke, Lauren, Sarah, and Amy.

One interesting thing about the cast list for the Day of the Dead is that it has veterans in it. The movie includes Kevin O’Grady, who played Rhodes in “Fargo.” Pilato’s Rhodes character is a scary horror icon. He has said “Choke on ’em” one time, but there are more references to Day of the Dead. So you should watch this show!

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