David Makes Man Season 3: All Information Related To The Third Season

david makes man season 3
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Season 3 of David Makes Man is finally coming out! David Makes Man tells the story of a high school student who becomes an entrepreneur and leaves his family to pursue his dreams. He has been through many ups and downs in this new journey but always managed to come up with a successful solution. In this blog post, we will talk about David Makes Man Season 3: All Information Related To It!

What is the release date of David makes man season 3?

David Makes Man Season 2 has started airing on June 22, 2021. It airs on OWN every week. If you miss the past episodes, you can watch them on DirecTV, Philo TV, and YouTube TV. And Season 3 will start next Tuesday at 9 pm EDT/PDT with the title “Y’all Gucci.” You can also watch the show on Netflix and HBO Max after it airs on the original network.

What is the plot of David makes man season 3?

The second season of the show started with a huge time jump. David is now in his early 30s and is having a midlife crisis! He has grown up and stepped up as the man of the house. Recently, one of the people who run the show talked about what they are planning for this change in David’s life. Michael B. Jordan said that David is all grown up now, but he is still dealing with a past that was not good. This season, they will explore how David deals with his past while also moving on in his life.

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The creator of the show wanted people to remember David. They wanted to remind them that 15 years ago, when David was young, he had a lot of problems. Now, when he is older, he still has problems and struggles in life. More, it looked at how he was still haunted by the trauma even though he wanted to move forward in his life.

Kwane teased that there will be a romantic moment between David and Nicole. But it would be more like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes the relationship will go smoothly; then, in other parts, he might have trouble talking about his feelings. But then, in the following chapters, he would learn how to deal with emotional breakdowns and have a healthy relationship with Nicole.

David, in his 30s, is a businessman. He faces a big opportunity that will change him and his community. David chooses between the instincts that helped him survive or finding a new way to live.

Who will be starring in David makes man season 3?

The cast includes people you know. Alana Arenas plays Gloria and David’s mom. Akili McDowell, Cayden K. Williams, Kwame Patterson, and Arlen Escarpeta will play the brothers before the time jump.

David Makes Man added 10 new recurring characters to season 2, including Brittany S. Hall as Nicole, David’s girlfriend; Erica Lutrell as Marissa, who is an adult and fighting for environmental reform; and Bobbi Baker as Gloria’s partner, Robin. In the show, JG has his own family too. He has a daughter, Trenise. He was with his girlfriend, Trisha, for a long time.

There is no word on whether Phylicia Rashad will come back to play David’s English teacher in the show.

OWN’s coming-of-age drama, David Makes Man Season 2, came back after not showing for 20 months. Recently the showrunner talked about how the time jump will affect David’s life. David is going through a lot of things now, and he’s not a teenager anymore. Kwane teased that David will have the same problem as when he was younger in the next book.

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