elevator shoes for men

Criteria for selecting the right elevator shoes

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Every decision has a consequence. The shoes you wear today determine how your day will be. According to shoe designer Emanuele Briganti from www.guidomaggi.com, always keep in mind; the success of our days is tied to our emotion. That is why you are likely to have a more fruitful day on your happy days. Simple things like the shoes and clothes we wear determine the mood we will have for the remaining part of the day. But how do you choose the right shoes for you from purchasing to wearing them? Is there a working formula? Well, there is. Read on.


  1. Style

Style is relative. My style may not be your preference. It is personal and varies from person to person. Everybody knows their style well. Those who wear funny shoes have that as their style. Just like you wonder how poor their taste of fashion is so do they wonder how extra you are with your stylish look.

To become stylish, it is proper to do your research well on what stylish looks like. Different types of shoes bring out specific impressions and that is why people wear them differently. For instance, most alpha male love to wear boots. It is a show of authority and some level of roughness.

On the other hand, loafers may mean a gentleman who can treat ladies tenderly and so on. Sneakers may mean an outgoing gentleman who loves to look stylish. There’s more to shoes than just a piece of leather and sole. Selecting the right style means knowing what should be worn where and when, how and with what kind of clothes. A perfect combination of all these factors means you’ll pull a perfect look that will lighten up your day and make it more fruitful. It will also pull people close to you more than you can ever imagine.


  1. Comfort

Not everyone understands the power of wearing uncomfortable shoes. It can ruin your day unreasonably. Man is made to withstand pain to only some extend. When your shoes are uncomfortable and you have to spend your day persevering that pain, you will soon give in and lose yourself.

Shoes like the Italian www.guidomaggi.it brand offer comfort and that is why you’ll spend your day focusing on the event and not the pain your pair of shoes is subjecting you to. That is why you should go for such a brand.


  1. Scarcity

Shoes are a show of class. The more available the shoes you’re wearing are, the less value you get. That is why you need to go for shoes that are rare to find. Italian elevator shoes are scarce and that is why you should not think twice before going for them. You’ll walk around with your pair of shoes for long without finding another person wearing similar shoes.

Imagine meeting several people wearing similar shoes randomly. How will that make you feel. Well, most people will be disappointed. You can save yourself the disappointment by settling for a brand that’s rare to find. In fact some shoe manufacturers make limited editions of some types of shoes. You should go for luxury editions if you have the money to.

elevator shoes for men
elevator shoes for men
  1. Matching outfits

The clothes you wear determine the shoes you should put on. For instance, a pair of elevator boots would go well with a white cotton shirt and a pair of black jeans. Or you could pull the elevator sneakers with the jeans and a t-shirt. To make it better, you can wear a wrist watch and other accessories on your neck. See, a perfect look for a weekend!

What about black elevator loafers? They can go well with a pair of cream chino pants and a black shirt. To make it better, you could fold the sleeves to give an impression of a stylish man at work. What am I driving at? All I’m saying is the shoes you wear is informed by the clothes you have. The reverse could also be true.

If you buy your shoes first, the clothes you wear should be influenced by the type of shoes. For men, it is simpler to get multipurpose clothes like khaki pants, black and/or white shirts and t-shirts as well as loafers and boots. That way, it becomes easier to match your look. With such collections, you can almost match everything with the other. This is because the colors are neutral and compatible.

It becomes a challenge when you start going for colorful or detailed pants and tops. For instance, a checked shirt will require you to wear a specific type of pants and that means going for a particular pair of shoes. You should not limit your shoe selection by settling for funny tops and pants. Keep it as simple as possible and elegant. This gives you the freedom to go for any shoe you want.


  1. Weather resistance

Those who have a fine taste of shoes can almost tell what shoes is weather resistance and which ones are not at a glance. Others must feel the shoes through touch to determine their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Whichever category you lie, it is advisable to go for weather resistant shoes.

You can do research on what factors to consider when determining whether a pair of shoes is weather resistant. If you get this right then you can be sure to get yourself long lasting pairs of shoes. That will save you money in the long run as you’ll have to stay longer before going back to the store to get a new pair of shoes.



I always say, go for the right brand and you’ll get the right qualities in shoes. Remember different brands manufacture shoes with specific qualities as their trademark. With GuidoMaggi chaussuresrehaussantes, you can be sure to get shoes with all the above mentioned qualities. That means value for money as well as standing out as stylish. My advice to you is one; grab a pair of elevator shoes and you will be happy for the rest of your life. 

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