Baltimore City adds 8 new red light camera locations

New camera locations

According to this article from WBAL-TV, Baltimore City is adding 8 new red light camera locations:

  • Harford Road at Erdman Avenue
  • North Avenue at Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Orleans/Gay Street at Ensor Street
  • Frankford Avenue at Belair Road
  • Liberty Heights Avenue at Reisterstown Road
  • Edmondson Avenue at Hilton Street
  • Pratt Street at the Pier V Garage
  • Edmondson Avenue at Uplands Street

A YouTube video from WBAL also discusses these 8 new locations.

Goal of adding more cameras

According to the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, the goal of adding more red light cameras is to increase traffic safety at intersections around the city. Running red lights can cause serious accidents. The cameras aim to reduce the number of red light violations by automatically ticketing drivers who run red lights, serving as a deterrent.

Studies have shown that red light cameras can reduce the number of red light running incidents and intersection-related accidents. Baltimore City hopes that expanding the camera program will further lower accidents and make roads safer. Drivers are reminded to follow all traffic laws and come to a complete stop at red lights.

Key takeaways

  • Baltimore City is adding 8 new red light camera enforcement locations at various intersections around the city
  • The new locations are aimed at reducing red light running and improving traffic safety
  • Red light cameras can deter red light violations and lower related accidents according to studies
  • All drivers should obey traffic signals and control laws for everyone’s safety

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