As Biden’s Administration Admits Struggles In Immigration Issues: 3 Tips You Should Not Ignore

About one in seven residents in Maryland is an immigrant, and one in eight residents is a native-born U.S citizen with at least one migrant parent, according to the American Immigration Council. Roberta Jacobson admitted the administration struggles to give migrants a hopeful message while urging them to postpone their travel plans until the immigration system is enhanced. Roberta, the coordinator of the U.S southern border, said, “We are trying to let everyone in the region know that there will be legal processes for everyone. And we are setting them up as soon as we can.” However, you cannot come in through illegal means because it’s dangerous, she added. In reality, living illegally in the U.S is challenging, given most counties have established partnerships with ICE to enforce immigration laws. So, how can you enjoy all the rights of citizenship or residency as a migrant in Maryland? Here are 3 immigration tips you should never overlook. 
Research Legal Steps of Immigration
Everyone’s immigration situation is unique, meaning you can’t depend on your friends’ or relatives’ experiences to make decisions. There are also myths and rumors revolving around the state of immigration in the U.S that tend to mislead people. Therefore, be cautious about where you source your information from. In most cases, the people you assume to know everything about moving into the country will share outdated or wrong information. To avoid problems with state and local authorities, verify details shared by other people. Take time to learn the current U.S immigration rules and regulations from credible sources like the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. It is also wise to consult an immigration attorney. 
Don’t Violate Immigration Laws or Visa Provisions
This is probably the most critical immigration tip you should never ignore because the repercussions can be stressful. Remember, even the slightest form of violation of immigration policies can result in deportation, visa cancellation, or permanent ban from entering the U.S. Spend time to learn what is required for an immigration visa, green cards, and work permits. Most importantly, adhere to all the laws set by the government. states that understanding immigration laws and processes can be challenging. To ensure you meet all the legal requirements, seek professional advice from a reputable immigration lawyer. An attorney will provide the correct answers regarding citizenship and help you navigate the application process.
Know Your Application Status
Whether you’re applying for an immigration visa or green card, make sure to send your paperwork to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services through certified mail. Don’t forget to ask for a return receipt and make copies of your papers. Doing so helps you keep track of your application status. You’ll also have peace of mind your papers are in a safe place since the USCIS has the reputation of misplacing migrants’ applications. 
Moving to the U.S is a dream come true for many people. However, to ensure you enjoy the rights of residency or citizenship, you must follow the legal immigration laws with utmost caution. As a general rule of thumb, gather details linked to immigration from credible sources. Also, follow-up on your application process and do not violate any law.  

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