Annapolis Police Come Up Empty Handed in Underaged Drinking Check

The Annapolis Police Department recently checked local businesses for serving alcohol to minors but came up empty-handed. The operation was carried out on June 26th and involved visits to several bars and restaurants in the area.

Despite concerns about underage drinking in the community, the police department found no evidence of businesses serving alcohol to minors during the operation. While some may view this as a positive outcome, others are concerned that the lack of enforcement may encourage underage drinking in the area.

The Annapolis Police Department has stated that they will continue to monitor the situation and take action if necessary. They have also encouraged parents to talk to their children about the dangers of underage drinking and to keep an eye on their behavior.

The issue of underage drinking is serious, and it is important for law enforcement and the community to work together to address it. While the recent operation did not result in any arrests or citations, it serves as a reminder that the police department is actively working to keep the community safe..


  1. 49 West, 49 West St
  2. Carrol’s Creek Cafe, 410 Severn Av
  3. Dock Shop, 410 Severn Av
  4. Picante Annapolis, 48 West St
  5. Forward Brewing, 418 Fourth St
  6. Fox’s Den, 179B Main St
  7. Lewnes’ Steakhouse, 401 Fourth St
  8. Little Italy Annapolis, 1411B Forest Dr
  9. Middleton Tavern, 2 Market Space
  10. Ruth’s Chris Steak House, 301 Severn Av
  11. Sammy’s Italian Pizza Kitchen, 1007A Bay Ridge Av
  12. Vida Taco Bar, 200 Main St

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