Guilt Season 2

All the Details on Season 2 of Guilt

Guilt season 2 will begin soon. It is about two brothers, Max, and Jake McCall. The show was liked when it first aired in 2019. Max and Jake did something bad. They killed an old man on the way home from their wedding. They tried to cover it up but then found out that they were in trouble for it. The “too” word means that there are four parts of the series.

Regrettably, for the brothers, there have been people who saw one of them do an illegal thing and they are going to tell. Jake is sorry but Max doesn’t care. They are making plans so that when the person tells they will say the other brother did it instead. However, there was a surprise at the end when Jake betrayed his brother and Max went to jail.

What is the release date of Guilt Season 2?

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Guilt Season 2 will premiere in the UK on BBC2 on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. and BBC Scotland on Tuesday, October 12 at 10 p.m. Beginning October 12th, all four episodes will be accessible to watch online on BBC iPlayer for free until Nov 15th, 2017.

What is the plot of Guilt Season 2?

Guilt season 2 starts with Max being freed from jail. He had been there for two years. Now he is trying to get back on his feet. His brother Jake lives in Chicago now, so Max will have to work hard to get his old job back.

The first season, he had everything. But now in this series, he has nothing. He is back to living on his wits because he lost everything. I think Max only used Kenny to get ahead. But as time went on, Max began to like and even love Kenny. It was a beautiful adventure they had together.”

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Erin lives in a town across from me. One day someone broke into her house and she had to make a hard choice. Now she is thinking about her past and what happened when she was younger. She met the criminal who broke into her house and they became friends because of this.

Who will be starring in it?

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One of the best things about season two is that it will have the same characters from the first season. It will also have all of the same twists and turns that were in season one. This is according to BBC news. The watchers will see all of the important characters in the first season. The new season will start where the first left off.

Sara Vickers, Phyllis Logan, and Stuart Bowman are joining the cast of Endeavour. Sara is playing Erin. Phyllis is playing her mom Maggie. Stuart will be Roy Lynch. Bill Paterson played this character in Season 1

Greg McHugh (The A Word, Fresh Meat), Ian Pirie (Chernobyl, The Capture), Rochelle Neil (The Nevers, Episodes), and Sandy McDade are all new to the show.

What to expect from Guilt series 2

It seems that there will be another crime in the second series of the show. This may seem bad to people, but they can expect to see Max McCall who is an unlikely ally.

In a cellar in Edinburgh, two gunshots ring out. Further away, Max McCall is released from prison. As they get closer to each other, these two events come together. Erin tries to save her life and Max tries to rebuild his life after being in prison for a while.

Max can’t be friends with Roy anymore. Max tries to be friends with Kenny, but he has a new girlfriend.

BBC Scotland is teasing that Max is looking for revenge after the events in the first season.

Where was the series filmed?

The show is set and filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland. There are two seasons so far.

A lot of TV dramas were not able to be made, because the people in them were sick. The people who worked with the drama had to follow rules so they could make more episodes.

Filming for this show took place in Scotland in the winter of 2020. The weather was terrible, but star Mark Bonnar says that it helped with the mood of the show.

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