Zahlco Aims Break Ground For A 65-Unit Apartment Complex On Mount Royal This Summer

Zahlco, a Baltimore-based development company, is expected to break ground this summer for an apartment building with 65 units at 9 East Mount Royal Avenue.

The development company is building its portfolio with this project and another, involving the University of Baltimore School of Law’s building. The John and Frances Angelos Law Center is located across the street from the proposed apartment building. A completion date for the center is set for April 2019.

Zahlco has been working in the construction business for over a decade. The company launched an urban development arm nearly five years ago with a goal of developing eight to 10 mid-sized properties in “up-and-coming” neighborhoods in downtown Baltimore.

Four of the projects, all of which are owned by Zahlco, have already been completed including the Congress Hotel Apartments and properties at 16 East Biddle Street, 613 Portland Avenue and 917 St. Paul Street.

The firm is currently working on a project, a former garage, at 824 North Calvert Street and renovating a four-story building at 11 East Mount Royal Avenue. The four-story building will feature a third-floor incubator with 25 office spaces. Zahlco will target nonprofits, companies and startups that do not require full-size offices for their employees.

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