World Financial Review Features: Dr. Andy Khawaja and His Multi-Billion Dollar Company

World Financial Review Features: Dr. Andy Khawaja and His Multi-Billion Dollar Company

Dr. Andy Khawaja, the CEO of a globally leading payment provider Allied Wallet, is featured along with his multi-billion-dollar company in the World Financial Review. The July-August 2017 issue of World Financial Review features the world-renowned Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr. Andy Khawaja, in a cover feature that was entitled as the “Limitless Vision, Infinite Possibilities.” Dr. Andy Khawaja is a familiar face of the FinTech world after he has been featured in dozens of magazine covers and television interviews internationally. He was addressed in all of them with such honor for his success in global e-commerce.

Allied Wallet: Highlights from Limitless vision

“Limitless Vision” highlights Dr. Andy Khawaja’s journey as a CEO and entrepreneur. The publish seems to be describing his “power of vision, courage, and integrity.” Dr Andy Khawaja in the interview says that the journey was not smooth. Also, he had to overcome a lot of hurdles before he could actually succeed in this journey. Dr. Khawaja says, “I wanted to be able to create independent careers. I wanted to help others conduct electronic business and help them expose their products to the world and be a part of something big.” 

During the course of the interview, Dr Andy Khawaja says that he had created his career all by himself. It was none other than him who dreamt of raising this huge empire. During his tenure of serving other organizations as an ordinary employee, he tried to analyze the gap that existed among the merchants and the customers, and that’s where this idea of creating a digital payment media came into his mind. He had always wanted to do something big and unique, and thus, he thought of coming up with an electronic payment mode so as to help the businesses to offer a greater exposure to their products and services online. 

Dr Andy Khawaja: Rising to success

Through this article, he wanted to brief his journey to the readers so that they could make out that success is earned and no one is ever so lucky to get it all by chance. The article discusses Dr. Khawaja’s rise to success along with his vision and his obstacles that he was finally able to overcome. He talks about all the hardships and difficulties that he had to bear throughout this journey, and the only thing that kept him going is his zeal to succeed. Dr. Khawaja’s motivational spirit shines through as he not only relays where he has been, but at the same time, he talks of where the company is going and how their next decade of success is mapped out.

You may choose to see World Financial Review’s new article with Dr. Andy Khawaja and thus, see how this successful e-commerce entrepreneur built his empire along with his tips to come up with ideas of how you can build your own empire. 

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