Women Can Freely Sunbathe Topless Without Ocean City Beach Patrol Intervening

Ocean City beach patrol officers will no longer scold women who sunbathe topless.

On Tuesday, Captain Butch Arbin, the head of Ocean City Beach Patrol, said in a memo that complaints of toplessness should be documented, but workers should not approach the topless women, even when requested to do so by other visitors.


Ocean City Beach Maryland

Last year, Chelsea Covington, an advocate for the “topfreedom” movement, requested Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau H. Oglesby to review the law. Oglesby, in turn, asked Maryland’s Attorney General Brian E. Frosh for an opinion. Frosh has not responded to the request.

For years, beach patrol has been approaching topless women and telling them “Hey, you can’t do that,” Arbin says. Arvin says the officers feel they cannot tell the women not to sunbathe topless, without an opinion from the attorney general.

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