Where To Find Reliable COVID-19 Information


As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase, Americans are gripping the edges of their seats tighter, hoping they will not be the next victim. Local and state governments, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the World Health Organization (WHO) are banding together to prevent further spread of the disease.

Americans are relying on their local and mainstream media outlets for up-to-date information on the coronavirus. Those who are complying with the shelter-in-place order are staying connected through social media, where everyone has an opinion. No matter which social media platform you visit, there are more than a few comments on the trending topic ‘COVID-19’.

On a positive note, social media networks provide an outlet to the outside world during these trying times. Information about every topic imaginable is floating around on the countless platforms. Entertainer David Nail summed it up when he said, “Nowadays, social media is the easiest place to go to find something.”

Unfortunately, only a portion of the information found on social media sites can be trusted. For reliable information about COVID-19, there are only a handful of websites to be trusted. Those websites include:

  • cdc.gov
  • nih.gov
  • who.int
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