UMD Implements New Policies To Further Enhance Fan Safety


This week, The University of Maryland Department of Intercollegiate Athletics announced that it had adopted a series of changes to the University’s “Prohibited Items & Behavior” and the “Fan Code of Conduct” policies. The goal of the changes it to protect more safety to fans. The changes will attempt to strengthen and clarify existing policies, while reaffirming the University’s core values of diversity, inclusion and respect.

Changes made to the “Fan Code of Conduct” will create a safe, enjoyable environment for fans of all ages, as well as student-athletes, coaches and officials. The changes stipulate the fighting and obscene, profane or abusive language or behavior can result in an immediate ejection from games.


Intimidating items and actions were already banned from athletic events. However, the “Prohibited Items & Behavior” policy has been revamped to add new items to the list. This includes facsimile weapons and flammables. Simultaneously, the changes prohibit signage, apparel and other items that display, depict or represent symbols or words that may incite, intimate, or threaten members of the UMD community.

The University of Maryland wants it known that nooses and swastikas are both specifically prohibited by the new policy. For additional information, be sure to check out the new policy for yourself here.

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