Texas Escapee Gets 27-Month Prison Sentence For Identity Theft Of Deceased Child

Acting U.S. Attorney Louis D. Lappen announced Thursday an escapee from a Texas halfway house was sentenced to 27 months in prison for aggravated identity theft and Social Security fraud.

Forty-five-year-old Jon Vincent, aka “Nathan Laskoski,” of Lansdale, Pennsylvania escaped a halfway house in Texas in 1996. To avoid detection, he visited a cemetery, located a tombstone of a deceased child whose birthdate was close to his own. He utilized the birthdate to create a new identity. Vincent subsequently obtained a birth certificate and Social Security number in Nathan Laskoski’s name, according to court documents.


Vincent utilized the stolen identity to apply for loans, obtain employment, open bank accounts and obtain government identification. A family member of the deceased child discovered the information, which indicated someone was impersonating the decedent, on “Ancestory.com.”

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