Stolen Maryland Ambulance Recovered Outside 7-Eleven On Free Slurpee Day


An ambulance was stolen from a Maryland hospital on Tuesday. Apparently, the criminal decided to stop for a Slurpee. Authorities recovered the ambulance outside of a 7-Eleven on free Slurpee day. Thankfully, no patients were inside the vehicle at the time of the crime. The ambulance, which was lifted from the Prince George’s Hospital Center, was seemingly left running when stolen.

Authorities began tracking the vehicle almost immediately using GPS technology. It was found 2 miles south at the 7-Eleven on Arbor Street in Cheverly. Since Tuesday is 7-Eleven Day, the convenience store company had been giving away free Slurpee drinks from 11 AM to 7 PM throughout the country.

Ambulance Stolen In BaltimoreAuthorities have yet to release details regarding the suspect. This is not the first time the Prince George’s Hospital Center has fallen prey to grand theft auto. In fact, it is the second time in less than two months. On May the 19th, a hospital patient, who had recently been released, took an ambulance and led police on a chase. The chase traveled through two counties and lasted more than an hour.

Assistant Chief Alan Doubleday admitted the hospital’s ambulances should be locked and the engine should be shut off at time the vehicles are unattended. The statement came in May, but it appears the advice was not received.

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