Speed Cameras Near I-95 Construction Zone Will Start Issuing Citations In June

Speed cameras installed on I-95 near the continuing construction activity will begin issuing citations as early as June 12, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) said. The cameras are on southbound and northbound Interstate 95 between Moravia Road and the Fort McHenry Tunnel.

The speed cameras were initially installed on May 22 and have since undergone a “warning period” that lasted approximately 21 days. The citations will be mailed to the driver’s physical address.


I-95 Near Fort McHenry Tunnel
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Vehicles caught driving 12 miles or more over the speed limit will be issued a $40 fine. The posted speed limit in that stretch of highway is 50 miles per hour.

A “speed trailer” will be located on the side of the highway to warn drivers of the posted speed limit.

Travel lanes on a four-mile stretch of I-95 near the Fort McHenry Tunnel will be modified as are part of a $94.4 million construction project by the MDTA. The construction is targeted for completion by summer 2018.

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