Plan For The New FBI Headquarters Is Scrapped By The Trump Administration


Maryland, especially Prince George’s County was hoping its sites would be selected for the new Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters. The plan to close the degrading FBI headquarters in Washington has been ongoing. Virginia and Maryland have been competing diligently for years to secure the final vote, but unfortunately the Trump administration has decided to dispose of the decade-long plan.

On Tuesday, the General Services Administration (GSA) will announce the decision not go forward with the complex plan to replace the deteriorating J. Edgar Hoover building at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. According to the GSA, the project failed to secure the required funding.

J. Edgar Hoover BuildingPreviously, the GSA planned an exchange that would give a developer the rights to build the new headquarters at the current J. Edgar Hoover building site. The developer would agree to pay for the biggest portion of the costs.

Since that plan has now been discarded, the Trump administration will need to find a new strategy to resolve the issue.

U.S. Representative Steny H. Hoyer (D) called the administration’s decision “extremely alarming.”

“If reports that the General Services Administration is canceling the plan for the fully consolidated FBI headquarters relocation project are true, this is an extremely alarming development,” Hoyer said. “By canceling the current FB headquarters relocation procurement process, the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are putting the safety and security of our country at risk.”

Chris Van Hollen, U.S. Senator of Maryland, also spoke out calling the cancellation “unacceptable.”

“Reports that the Trump Administration would pull the plug on a new FBI headquarters – something desperately needed for America’s national security – are deeply troubling and something I would strongly oppose,” says Van Hollen. “At a time when President Trump refused to fund a new headquarters in his budget and has repeatedly attacked the FBI and its employees, this would be unacceptable.”

In an effort to secure the funding for the project, President Obama sought $1.4 billion before the official end of his administration, but this amount would only cover part of the cost. Earlier this year, Congress appropriated not even 60 percent of that.

In 2014, the GSA select three final locations for the new FBI headquarters, Springfield, Virginia, Landover and Greenbelt in Maryland.

The FBI has nearly 11,000 employees, which would have made it one of Maryland’s largest employers, if one of the Prince George’s County sites had been chosen as the new location for the headquarters.

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