Medical Abortion Is Becoming The Preferred Modern Method To Terminate Pregnancy


There are two methods utilized in the United States to terminate pregnancy, before the 24th week of gestation. When a woman decides that it is in her best interest to terminate her pregnancy, she will be given two options, including surgery or medication. According to WHO, there are around 205 million pregnancies that occur annually worldwide, with 56 million voluntary abortions. Abortion was prohibited in all states, but by 1973, 20 states permitted abortion in limited circumstances (pregnancy as a results of incest or rape).


Medication Abortion Mifeprex

In ancient times, women resorted to utilizing unsafe methods to induce abortion. Oftentimes, women consumed herbal concoctions that contained abortifacients, nutmeg, squills, pennyroyal, ergot of rye, and diachylon. Modern abortifacient pharmaceuticals include Mifepristone, Oxytocin, Hemabate, Cytotec and Cervidill. The abortion pill has definitely changed the way women think about abortion, because it carries fewer risks of complications, similar to a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

Many states continue to restrict access to abortion clinics, pushing women to seek the next alternative, abortifacient pharmaceuticals. Although these medications are still restricted, many states have adopted highly innovative dispensing strategies. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, women now have access to in-clinic abortions and the abortion pill. According to the nonprofit organization, women are choosing medication more often, because it is similar to a miscarriage. In fact, with greater awareness the medical abortions have increased from 35 percent in 2010 to 43 percent in 2014.

Michigan (55 percent) and Iowa (64 percent) are among states with few or no restrictions, medical abortions have increased even higher. Since the abortion pill was approved in 2000, over 2.75 million American women have used it to terminate their pregnancy. Planned Parenthood is now resorting to telemedicine to expand access in rural areas.

Women are also choosing medication over surgery, because it allows them to end their pregnancy in the comfort of their own home. To learn more about medical abortion, be sure to visit your local Planned Parenthood clinic.

Planned Parenthood Prince George’s County
5001 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, Maryland 20746
(301) 241-0590

Tuesday thru Friday – 9am-5pm
Saturday – 9am-2:30pm
Sunday and Monday Closed

Abortion services: Abortion pill (medication abortion):
• 4-11 weeks – $425
• 12-13 weeks – $475
• 14 weeks – $525 Sedation (IV medication)

Office visit is $28 for morning-after pill (emergency contraception) prescription

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