Maryland Route 210/Indian Head Highway Scheduled To Get New Speed Cameras

Prince George’s County, Maryland – Motorists traveling along the Maryland Route 210/Indian Head Highway will soon be faced with new challenges. In an effort to discourage speeding, lawmakers have passed a law that permits new cameras to be installed along the 13-mile stretch of highway.

Speed Enforcement

The new legislation that went into effect Saturday allows speed cameras on state-maintained highways to be maintained by a county government. Safety advocates have been pushing lawmakers to do something about Maryland Route 210, often referred to as “the highway of death”, for years. They see the new law as a win.

It is still unclear when the new cameras will go up but some locals believe that it is the key to reducing the risk of collisions on one of the most dangerous highways in Maryland. Some motorists are not too keen on the idea. They believe the new speed cameras will have little to no impact on how motorists drive.

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