Maryland Officials Unveil State-Of-The-Art Metal Detectors For Prisons


The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services unveiled new innovative metal detectors with the capabilities of detecting even the tiniest pieces of contraband on Wednesday.

Maryland officials previously agreed to pay $1.8 million for 161 Cellsense metal detectors. The purchase follows a 2016 federal indictment at the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover, involving inmates and correctional officers. The defendants allegedly conspired to smuggle cellphones, heroin, pornographic material and cocaine into the facility.

Cellsense Metal Detectors
Image: Metrasens

The federal indictment has been classified as the largest in Maryland history. To prevent future similar incidents, officials installed the contraband metal detectors in 24 facilities statewide about a month ago.

“This equipment is a game-changers,” the state’s public safety security, Stephen T. Moyer, said during a news conference Wednesday. “Cellsense better detects cellphones and weapons that cause prison violence and violence in jails.”

The Cellsense Plus contraband detection systems are not stationary, so they can be moved throughout the facility. The Eastern Correction Institute officials have already utilized the detectors several times, collecting 70 weapons. The metal detectors successfully detected a tiny sewing machine needle at one of the facilities.

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