Mad River Bar & Grill Has Been Rebranded As The ‘Charles’

Mad River Bar & Grill announced it would close and rebrand in May and two months later, management has chosen a concept and name.

The Federal Hill bar and restaurant at 1110 South Charles Street has been rebranded as the Charles and set to open this fall.

The goal is to give the establishment a new image, so it will be more recognized for its food than a weekend dance spot. Mad River opened 13 years ago and for the last year, David Yike and Andrew Wheeler, operating partners, have contemplated moving forward and a new focus.

Mad River Bar & GrillThe 5,100-square-foot building is currently undergoing renovation, aiming to bring a new vision to the space. The only thing that will not change is it will remain the official bar of the Baltimore chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association.

“We still plan to make sure everybody has a good time at night, but we really, really are putting our main focus on the food because that’s what was lacking before with us,” Yike said in an interview.

Yike said hiring a new chef is in the works, but would not discuss the menu.

1110 South Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

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