How To Order A Transcript From A Hearing Before A Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge

In Prince George’s County, Maryland all court proceedings are recorded electronically or by a Court Reporter. Transcripts must be ordered directly through an official Court Reporter, who also determines the cost of the transcript after it is completed. The cost will depend on the number of pages in the final typed transcript and type of record. An audio CD is available only if the proceeding was recorded by a digital audio recording.

District Court Hearings

To obtain transcripts for an appeal to the Circuit Court, requests will need to be made through the District Court.

Family Division Magistrate Hearings

Obtaining a transcript with the Family Division must be made through a private transcription service, because all Magistrate hearings are recorded on digital audio recording equipment.

CDs may be purchased from the Family Division Information Center. Since a Court Reporter does not record Magistrate hearings, no transcripts are provided through the court.


Prince George's County Maryland

How To Order A Transcript From The Circuit Court

The dates of the record and case number are required to order a transcript from the Circuit Court. If possible, please find the courtroom number and the name of the judge presiding of the case.

For individuals, who are appealing from the Circuit Court to the Court of Special Appeals or Court of Appeals, the Transcript Order for Appeal Form (see below for link) must be completed, along with the case number and dates of the record.

Before the order can be finalized, you must speak with the office of the Court Reporters (see below for phone number) about the delivery dates and estimated costs. The transcriptions of proceedings will not be initiated or order finalized until all deposits requested are received. The final cost is not known until the transcript is completed.

Prior to delivery, all balances must be paid in full. Be sure to sign and date the form, before submitting the form to the Office of the Court Reporters.

Transcript Order For Appeal Form:

The completed form must be sent to the Office of the Court Reporters and a copy of the completed must be sent to the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Office of the Court Reporters (Original completed document)
P.O. Box 401
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20773
(301) 952-3461
(301) 952-2984 (Fax) (email)

Clerk of the Circuit Court (Copy of completed document)
Appeals Section, Room D1026
14735 Main Street
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

If the transcript is need for other reasons, you will need to complete the Non-Appeal Transcript Order form (see below for link). When completing this form, you will need to send a copy to the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Transcript Order For Non-Appeal:

All requested deposits must be received, before the order is finalized and transcriptions of proceedings are started. The office of the Court Reporters will contact you regarding the available delivery dates and deposits. Balances are due prior to receipt of any transcripts.

Office of the Court Reporters
P.O. Box 401
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20773
(301) 952-3461
(301) 952-2984 (Fax)

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