Go through these tips to make stylish and attractive banners for your website

Look around the web. You will only see banner ads. They are usually flashy, radiant, eye-catching, and often encroach on your web experience. Don’t deny that you haven’t tried your best to thwart them or become immune to their invasions. 

Despite all that bad rap, web banner ads, in actuality, are awesome tools to take your business goals and information to a large audience. Notwithstanding the swarms of terrible banner ads mushrooming everyday and terrorizing people on the internet, you need to find a way to make a lasting impression.

  • Image pairings and stylistic or attractive typography must be a constant in your banner design. Every banner’s interface nicely reflects the photograph on it. That’s how the accord starts. 
  • It’s also important to create and maintain a hierarchy. The center stage and front belong to the photo, while the message rests alongside the photo.
  • Your icons should be relevant to your brand and you can add a range of illustrations. It’s a great way to introduce some joyfulness and fun in a banner ad. 

You can achieve many looks with illustration, such as friendly and childish, or chic and edgy.

Focus on the placement

Buy space on a portal or website so that it features your banner design above the common fold and in the vicinity of the page’s content. 

  • Maintaining hierarchy means positioning your company logo, the value proposition, and call to action in the right order. 
  • While it’s an imperative to include your corporate logo to create brand awareness, its visual dominance shouldn’t outsmart the other two contents.
  • The value proposition highlights your product/service and drives attention to the content with attractive prices and offers. It takes up the maximum space of your banner design.
  • Appropriate usage of buttons is important. Depending on the banner type, buttons will primarily increase the ad’s click-through rate. 
  • If you’re using buttons, place them beneath the copy in contrasting shades. Maintain the consistency in placement all throughout the ad sets.
  • Your frame should have a clear definition. People naturally look at the content inside a frame. 
  • Effective banner designs and ads have a frame with clear objectivity and definition. The graphics stretch to the box edges. If it’s a white ad, it’s pretty common to put a gray border (one pixel) around it.
  • The text must be instantly noticeable and readable. Avoid script or cursive fonts.

The game of images

Apart from determining your banner design’s purpose and choosing the colors wisely, it’s paramount to integrate high-quality images. Regardless of graphic art or photographs in your banner ads, captivating images provide an excellent way to bolster your banner’s design. 

If you want your image to look sharp and clear even during enlargement, you must use the correct file type with proper resolution. Generally, internet images are damp squibs. 

Consider using outlines or vector images. They are line art graphics that sustain their quality, regardless of how you modify or resize the pictures.

Bitmaps or raster images consist of tiny dots. Together, they create a picture. You can only enlarge them to a certain extent before they loose clarity. 

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