Former Owner Of Inca’s Secret Restaurant Pleads Guilty To Hiring Undocumented Immigrants

Acting U.S. Attorney Rick A. Mountcastle announced Friday the former owner of Inca’s Secret Restaurant pleaded guilty, along with her son to charges related to employment and harboring of undocumented immigrants.

Judge And JuryForty-nine-year-old Maria Rosalba McTague Alvarado and her son, 29-year-old Felix Adriana Chujoy, both of Harrisonburg, Virginia hired undocumented immigrants to work in Inca’s Secret.

Alvarado knowingly allowed individuals who were in the country illegally to live in her home and work in her restaurant. Chujoy admitted to aiding and abetting Alvarado in employing undocumented immigrants.

Alvarado and Chujoy will be sentenced on January 31, 2018.

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