Federal Grants Cut For Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Federal grants that support the Teen Pregnancy Program, established during the Obama administration, have been cut nationwide. Groups that receive the grants are concerned such a cut could have a negative impact on teen pregnancy, which declined steadily over the past decade.

Baltimore will lose an estimated $3.5 million and an additional $880,000 in funding. The grant supports teen pregnancy prevention programs and research at Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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Approximately 80 cities will be affected by the cut, all of which have voiced disappointment. The program aimed to fund efforts to curb teen pregnancies over a five-year period will end after just three years.

Grant recipients received notices from the Department of Health and Human Services that grants wound end in June 2018, instead of in 2020. The groups will not receive the expected $214 million over that two-year period.

Baltimore’s teen birth rate from 2009 and 2015 decreased by 44 percent, which is being contributed to the city’s teen pregnancy prevention efforts. The grant funds behavioral and physiology health courses and science-based reproductive health education in middle and high schools.

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