E-Commerce and Innovation Live on CNBC - CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Speaks!

E-Commerce and Innovation Live on CNBC – CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Speaks!

The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet is recognized as a global leading provider of online payment processing. His company is also famous for multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. Not just this, the firm is also known for offering an expert point-of-view on e-commerce as well as on the business innovation that was live on CNBC. CNBC Arabia features a daily program schedule. It was particularly based on the region’s most pressing business news. It also covers the regional stock market summary, along with several corporate updates. Besides, they are also into offering a concentrated commentary on how developments from Europe and America have been affecting the region. His live episodes are actually very inspiring as he talks about the reality and the best thing about them is that the youth can absolutely relate to them. Another amazing thing about his live episodes is that they are much into how Allied Wallet has grown over the years so that people actually get to know what drives such success.

Andy Khawaja on eCommerce expertise

Andy Khawaja is a globally-renowned entrepreneur and an e-commerce expert. He is most significantly recognized for his achievements He is more into expanding his global payment services company, Allied Wallet, as well as, ensuring the fact that the company grows through leaps and bounds. Not just this, he is also looking forward to ensuring that he could contribute to society, He is well aware of the journey that an organization has got to go through, over the years. Moreover, he has always witnessed those ups and downs and thus, he says that he would be more than happy to help young brains.

Mr. Andy Khawaja was live with CNBC for an interview that was basically focused on e-commerce and technological innovation. He further took his speech on helping others know how it is affecting the middle east region. “E-commerce is global,” said Mr. Khawaja, and there is no substitute over the digital mode of payment. People need to have access to it. Besides, it is the only thing that is adding convenience to men and women all across the globe so that they can avail their purchases with a higher efficiency. He says that people from all over the world are shopping beyond borders. New and interesting goods and services are coming up each and every day. E-commerce sales are in the trillions, and thus, companies like Allied Wallet are here to facilitate safe transactions.

Allied Wallet’s partnership with Merrill Lynch

Andy Khawaja also talked about Allied Wallet’s partnership with Merrill Lynch. He also showed how 

Merrill has assisted them in taking the company public. CNBC Arabia conducted an interview to inform the region of e-commerce and business technology, on which Dr Andy Khawaja has offered his expert insight into this growing avenue of retail. 

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