Dr Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet are deemed as the Mecca for Entrepreneurs

Dr Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet are deemed as the Mecca for Entrepreneurs

Allied Wallet is a globally leading provider of online payment processing. This company has been the brainchild of the CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja. Today, this company has been functioning across 196 countries all over the world. However, the journey of this company has not been so smooth during its initial days and that is what the CEO talks about in a recent publication wherein the company got its feature in the cover of the I-Invest Magazine. He was recently featured for assisting the company along with the team to reach such a global success. He further added to the speech saying that it has been a decade that Allied Wallet was found. 

Dr Andy Khawaja said that he had got an experience of working in the retail sector until he had come up with the formation of this organization. He said that during his course of work, he could analyze that online payments have been one of the biggest gaps in the industry. Hence, he got this idea of forming an online payment platform that would eradicate the struggle and help the users as well as the merchants to shop online without any hassle. The Allied Wallet is now operational across 196 countries and is capable of transacting in 164 currencies. 

Allied Wallet’s speech to the I-Invest Magazine

I-Invest Magazine is regarded as a monthly publication that has got a subscriber-base of approximately 151,000. It features the top leaders of the financial industry and recently, Dr Andy Khawaja came up in the list for his innovation of Allied Wallet. The magazine featured the CEO right on its top cover and has deemed the company as the Mecca for Entrepreneurs. He went on saying that Allied Wallet has always worked for the struggling entrepreneurs and it will continue to do so, in the coming years as well. 

Dr Andy Khawaja: The dream wasn’t that easy!

Dr Andy Khawaja went on saying that Allied Wallet has been a dream for him. It was until the time that he could convert this dream into a reality that he didn’t give up. He said that there had been a lot of struggle and the journey to be an entrepreneur was extremely difficult for him. However, Khawaja didn’t give up ever! He said that as an early entrepreneur, he did face a lot of hardships. 

There have been a lot of entrepreneurs as him who come up with an idea but has no one to believe and have faith upon it. The same was for him as well. He had banks closed in front of his face, and people refused to believe whether or not his idea would even work. However, he didn’t give up and today, Allied Wallet opens doors for other businesses, and that’s the reason for which I-Invest Magazine calls it to be the Mecca for the Entrepreneurs. It has a strong and committed merchant base and a global success too!

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