Discover Expert Tips to Choose the Best Teardrop Banners for Your Business

Teardrop banners are known by this name predominantly because of their shape. They are oval-shaped but taper near the bottom end. They are used as flags that are mounted on robust metal stands in pairs or often alone. You can print all sorts of information on teardrop banners that make them a popular mode of advertising and promotion. However, due to their relatively smaller size, the advertising message requires to be compact and concise. 

The designer has to limit the size of his message so that the message fits perfectly in whatever available space on the teardrop flags. According to Forbes, good banner ads could drive massive sales and traffic for businesses online, however, bad banner ads could not only go unnoticed, but they may also end up hurting your business’s image and reputation in the eyes of your potential customers. Let us explore some ways to identify the best teardrop flags for promoting your brand or business. 

Do Not Rely on Lightweight Delicate Bases

Like all sorts of banners and flags, you need to mount teardrop banners on bases. You can come across both good and bad quality bases. Since the base will be in use over an extended period, it is of pivotal importance to invest in a heavy-duty and top-quality base. The most commonly used base is called the ground spike that is inserted into sand or mud. 

When there are strong winds, excessive pressure is exerted on the bases as the banner starts blowing wildly. Hence, a strong base is compulsory to keep the banner flying high. A flimsy or delicate base will be bending as it cannot withstand the pressure. The ground pipe made from steel should have a minimum diameter of 13mm. 

It should boast of a heavy-duty ball bearing and must have a swivel spindle so that the banner can freely rotate with the movement of the wind. The barrel that encloses the ball bearing should be of at least 35 mm diameter. Smaller barrels would fail to work seamlessly after a while.

Poles Must Be Fortified for Avoiding Undesirable Breakage

A teardrop banner may necessitate a strong pole for performing optimally. It may face a couple of issues that may lead to pole breakage. Hence, poles must be effectively reinforced for better and extended performance. The two pressure points require complete reinforcement. 

The base or bottom end of the pole experiences all the pressure while the flag is in motion because of the wind. The banner poles should be doubly fortified here with robust steel sleeves, both inside and outside for more support. The overall pole thickness at the base should be 5 mm at least. It should ideally have three layers one each of fiberglass pole, epoxy, and steel outer sleeve.

Thanks to the unique shape of teardrop banners, the tip of the pole experiences a tremendous amount of pressure. Hence, often standard poles are broken, and that damages the banner. You may stick to using high-quality and robust epoxy fiberglass poles for withstanding excessive pressure.


You should not get lured or swayed by cheaper prices. Ensure that the price includes even the price of the base along with the banner.

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