Controversial Towson Gas Station Proposal To Be Reconsidered


Baltimore County officials are inclined to reconsider a proposal for the development of a gas station at the site many consider as the “gateway” to Towson. The Towson Station project has met with pushback from some politicians and thousands of residents.

Residents are not keen on the idea of the new project that would transform the site at the intersection of York Road and Bosley Avenue into a 24-hour Royal Farms gas station, space for commercial trucks, restaurants and a retail center.

Last year, developer Caves Valley received authorization to take Towson Station through the county development review process. However, David Marks, Towson’s representative on the council, had a change of heart, pulling his support of the proposal. He is now pushing for gas pump bans at the 5.8-acre site of a former fire station.

Towson Fire Station
Image: Roger Gookin

The old Towson firehouse was demolished on March 31, 2017.

Marks abandoning the Royal Farms plan left some council members baffled and undecided how to proceed.

Opponents of the project are concerned about the potential increased crime risk, traffic congestion and the cutting down of nearly 30 trees. They are calling for a new proposal that will be embraced by the community.

Marks said he is willing to permit Towson Station to continue moving through the process, but without gas pumps. Following a public hearing Tuesday, a council vote is scheduled for August 7.

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