Cathedral Street Closed Due To An Infrastructure Failure


America’s infrastructure has come under scrutiny, with sinkholes opening up in various cities throughout the country. Many experts and citizens are beginning to question the safety of roads and bridges. With the infrastructure life in the slow lane, many drivers are forced to take detours every time a sinkhole opens up. Everyone must take note to the condition of the highways and bridges they are driving on at all times. The crumbling infrastructure has been addressed by congress, but nothing is being done to correct the problem.


Albany, New York Sinkhole


Believe it or not, American airports are out of date, with tech glitches that are disrupting normal operation. Just last night, Sabre computer systems experienced technical difficulties. This interruption prevented airline customers from making online reservations. Thankfully the system is now up and running, but who really knows when the next glitch will occur. In 2014, former Secretary of Transported went public saying, “70,000 bridges are deemed structurally deficient.” That was over two years ago, with no plans to update in sight one must question how long this will be allowed to continue.

On March 1, 2016, a massive sinkhole opened up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The sinkhole was about 20’ long and 7’ wide. Another massive sinkhole opened up on September 28, 2016 on Alcoa Highway, Alcoa Tennessee. It took TDOT about 40 hours to repair the damage, but citizens are still concerned about the current state of the American infrastructure. A sinkhole opened up in the 700 block of Cathedral Street, Mount Vernon on Monday, making morning rush hour extremely hectic.

This is not the first sinkhole to cause traffic problem in Mount Vernon and in due time there will sure be another. Early this year, sinkholes opened up on Mulberry Street and Centre Street, which prove there is a major deficient in America’s infrastructure.

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