Bill Ending Pension ‘Double-Dipping’ To Come Up For A Vote


An effort to eliminate pension “double-dipping” that would give top officials big payouts is scheduled to come up for a vote in September.

Under the pension policy, some top county employees, including the county executive, who retire from one position and return to work another position are granted a paycheck and pension benefits. When those employees retire for good, they are granted a lump-sum payout and two pension checks.

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Environmental Director Vincent Gardina, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and his lobbyist, Sam Moxley, all were former council members, who supported the policy stand to receive those benefits.

When the employee retire and return to another position their pension checks are put on hold. That money continues to build up over their second term with the county and is paid out when they retire for good.

On August 24, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill that ends double dipping for police chiefs. Under the law, police chiefs who retired and later returned to work as a civilian for the city had the option of collecting a second pension.

Kamenetz will finish his second term as county executive in 2018, at which time he will be eligible to receive a combined, estimated $118,000 annual pension from his 24 years as county executive and Councilman. He will also be eligible for a $384,000 lump-sum payout.

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