Baltimoreans Voted The Least Attractive By Travel And Leisure


Baltimore is admired by many for its amazing spirit, inner harbor and historic sites, but did not pull it off in the attractive category. Travel and Leisure readers ranked Baltimore number one as the least attractive. Of course, Baltimoreans should not take the low ranking personally, because they reside in a city that is “photogenic to the core”.


Washington Monument In Baltimore Maryland

In 2016, Charm City ranked fourth, but slipped to first place in the 2017 America’s Most Attractive Cities survey. Sacramento, California earned second place, even though it is one of America’s favorite travel destination. As California’s state capital, Sacramento is home to one of the most popular historic museums in the country. The city has favorable weather conditions almost year around, making it the perfect tourist destination for northerners that want to escape inclement weather.

Slipping from one of America’s Most Attractive Cities to number eight, Atlanta, Georgia was praised for its stylish boutiques and hip-hop scene. Georgians are admired for their intelligence and creativity, so they should not feel too bad about their slip in ranking.

Spokane, Washington comes in 3rd, followed by Charlotte, North Carolina, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cleveland, Ohio.

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